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Into The Shed

In order to fight against the spread of the Coronavirus, tremendous cuts were done. They have an immense impact on all fields of life. Our society has been paralysed as well as the economy. Lockdown measures against the Coronavirus brought in their wake loss of income to us, me and my fellow musicians. The current mass cancellation of concerts deprives us of earnings pushing many of us into a financially and mentally precarious situation.

Into The Shed is an idea born out of an imminent desire to counteract those economic hardships and psychological stress. Me and my fellow musicians cannot but play. This is our vocation and our profession.

My fellow musicians are all a part of the big and vibrant Berlin jazz and improvised music scene. Everyone of them is a high-profile artist who has been developing their own projects for years, playing concerts worldwide, making many records.

Into The Shed live streams are spontaneous jams. They do not claim to be compared with the above mentioned well-rehearsed, long lasting projects.

Under the new governmental regulations restricting meetings to groups of two Into The Shed has concentrated on presenting duo as well as solo sets.

We kindly ask every listener of these live stream concerts to pay their virtual tickets. Please compensate the entrance fee (we suggest 5-10€ or more if you can afford it) as if you were listening to us in a concert venue.

Into The Shed will also provide you with links to individual projects of the musicians where you can buy records and get more information about the artists.

We would be really grateful for this token of solidarity with the music scene in Berlin.

I hope you enjoy us playing, appreciate the music and respect our work.

Stay healthy and be well.

Sincerely yours.

Frank Gratkowski and Ronny Graupe at the empty Club der polnischen Versager, 31.03.2020